Friday, July 9, 2010

week 26: ball kickers

Shes found her pain slut, a god among men as it seems. By day hes a logger down south and at night, he lets loose to his submissive impulses. She met him on a site and soon started chatting back and forth at night when things got dull around the house. She mentioned me in casual passing and said that I would love to watch her switch things up and take control and he eagerly agreed.

Nervous for her, I feel my heart jump through my shirt and into my lap on the drive to the hotel room. Im there to watch and watch only. And with a swift knock on the door, the night began.

He quickly removes his robe and shows of his well groomed figure. Tight belly, bulging arms and fully erect cock.

"Not so fast, who said you can enjoy this already! Get that down, NOW!" she barked out.

The pain slut quietly whimpered off to the corner and allowed his hard on to diminish before they continued on with their session. She got out her bag of goodies and leashed her new pet, walking him around the room like the dog that he is. He never left her side, in fact when they would stop, he would rest his head on her thighs.

"Not too close, you havent earned that yet!"

She made no eye contact with me, focusing on her toy. She loved the control she had over him, I could tell. Little smirks would emerge when she gave him orders such as making him lick her boots, walking him over to the toilet for him to lap up the only drink hes allowed tonight.

This was a new woman in my eyes, Im use to a different view, but I like what I see. I enjoy watching her creative mind at work.

Her next move involves her new cowgirl boots and firm pressure. He longs for that feeling, and knows whats about to happen. She is hesitant at first, but has her toy lay with his legs spread apart as she steps on his balls. You can see the pain on his face, but also the joy it brings.

They continue on throughout the night with other forms of embarrassment and pain as I just watch, knowing my lover is a delightfully evil switch.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

checkered flag

And the birthdays seem to keep coming. This time a present will be for Domenico, since he is the man of the hour. We meet at a hotel, much like we did the first time. But with all the first time jitters behind us, we take things slow.

I watch from afar as this beautiful couple compliment one another with various poses and positions. His massive body engulfs her tall frame. His paws grope and prod her body, causing her to squeal with delight. He motions me over, erect and primed, she takes me in and sips that first drip.

Our bodies touch as we enter her at the same time, his massive cock pushing me further into her. The feel of one hot body after another is unbearable. Her eyes flutter with pure bliss and soon they shut ohh so tightly as we begin our motions. The battering rams of thrust soon bring all of us to climax and as the guys shoot their seed into the latex barrier, she rolls over satisfied and well used.

But wait, hes yet to get his spankings...but shes the one receiving the blows tonight, but somehow I dont think she minds.