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Thursday, September 16, 2010

week 36: Coco's pet

Like a lion stalks its prey, I quietly creep to my next victim and pull her out of the crowd. She comes with a leash, left on her by her master. I heard others talk about her, how she was left for others to use, a direct order from her master. I grab the leash and take lead of the situation.

Fewer and fewer people are at the party, which means the pet and I are able to get a room to ourselves. Its a wonderful thing to have this time of night, when your energy is not quite as high and you want some time between strokes or slaps. We reach the bed and I tie her to the bed with her leash. There she sits, waiting to be eaten by a one man pride.

Already naked, her perky tits are my first nibble of her perfect body. I bit into her mounds and tear her flesh apart. Grinding her nub over my sharp incisors causes her to squirm, her legs to twitch with excitement and her pussy to drip with anticipation. I switch between the set and eventually

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

week 35: tentacle

I walk over and sit down beside her on the altar. She moves to one side of the bed and reveals her ample tits as she tosses the red blanket off the bed. Her pretty pink nipples stand erect, waiting to be touched. "How do you plan on repaying me?" she asks with a soft sultry voice. I pause, take a deep breath and slide my hands between her legs, "This.." I guide my hand towards her sweet center and rub my thumb over her now swollen clit.

My fingers wiggle inside of her, squirming from one side of the wall to the other. I reach upwards and find that spot, making her knees buckle with excitement. My mouth traces her leg, kissing her inner thigh with little bites here an there to mix the pain and pleasure. Leaving my fingers deep inside her pussy, my mouth sucks in her folds in and out quickly causing her to tighten around me. "My, that's a ways to show your thanks!" she cries out.

She hops off the altar and positions herself between my legs. "Feed me your tentacle, I need it in my mouth now!" she demands of me. My cock grows with every word and soon is full of blood pumping towards my tip. My veins pop and roll with every stroke and her lips blanket them with warmth. Before my eyes roll back from the pleasure I look across the room and see a woman sitting next to a lion...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

week 34: altar

I look around this room and can only describe it as Colosseum. The pillars have naked women between them, which catches anyones eye. Their asses poke out, waiting to be spanked, played with or even fucked. As I walk by I make contact by asking them if they are ready, and every response is the same "Yes Sir."

I come to the first woman and tell her to lean forward and she does without hesitation. Her bubble but soon turns a pinkish red as I slap it with my open palm. "Thank you Sir!" she squeals out, I smirk and continue to build my slaps. Her knees begin to give as I hit her flesh harder and harder. I think to myself, "How does it feel for her if my hand is numb?!?" and pause to walk around to face her. "Do you like that my pet?" "Yes Sir!" "Get on your knees and wait for me to return."

I look back as I walk away and just as she's told, she 's on her knees. And as I approach the next woman, she poses for me showing off her wonderful body. I position myself behind her and whisper in her ear "Play with your pussy, but do not cum! I don't even want your pussy to get wet!" "But...but, how is that even possible?!" "That's not my problem, now is it?!" "No Sir."

She reaches down with one hand and softly rubs her pussy lips. With my cock pressing between her ass cheeks, I reach around and guide her fingers into her pussy. "Play! With! Your! Pussy! Now!!" "But then I'll get wet Sir." "Do as you're told pet!" "Yes Sir." Her fingers begin to dart in and out with haste and soon I can hear her pussy begin to get moist. The squish squish sounds become louder with ever building moment. "Can you squirt pet?" "Yes Sir." she cries out. "Lay down and show me!"

She lays down, spreads her legs and curves her fingers as she puts pressure on her g-spot. "Continue to do that till I get back." I command of my pet and walk off to the next woman. She has on some fire mask, covering her eyes. She is also on some sort of altar/bed. "Are you enjoying your gift?" she asks of me. "So you're the one I owe many thanks to?" "Yes, this is my party." she informs me. "Then I owe you more then many thanks, how can I repay you?!" I ask of her. "Come here, sit next to me."

I walk over and...

to be continued