Wednesday, June 23, 2010

week 24 - Birthday Boy

With her birthday soon approaching, I decided to give myself in whole to Lili. She gave me things to wear for our next playdate and was a bit concerned when I saw the strap on, but went through it with an open mind.

After excusing myself, I come back into the room with all that she could ask for and more...a smile. Im there to please my lover, and my gift to her for her birthday is my body. Today I am her puppet.

She dangles the string and has me follow her on all 4s across the room. Barking out orders, I kiss her boots, always following my good deed by saying 'Thank you my Queen'. The night continues and we move to the bed. My lover gives me a hint as to the pleasure Ive earned and allows me to fuck her...not with my excited cock, no no...with the strap on. I havent earned to fuck her with my cock yet.

We get in position and right as Im about to push my faux cock past her lips, she stops me and says 'get the blindfold...I know how much you love to watch'. She knows how much i love to see her expressions change. I do as Im told and get the blindfold from her goodie bag. With my lovely Lili below me I finally get to fuck her and thats how we end her birthday celebration.

Monday, June 14, 2010

week 23 - ...and I'll name him George...

His name may be George, but tonight she was the star. I decided that we were gonna play near a window and she was gonna get part of her 15 minutes of fame by onlookers from the groundd floor.

Lili stood in front of the sheer dressing parting her long legs just enough for me to reach up behind her to finger her excited pussy. We played for only moments before we noticed a man near his car.

'Knock on the window' I comanded my lover. She reached for the window and did as she was told. My cock stiffened with excitement. The man looked up and paused for a quick second as Lili parted the blinds giving him a better view of her gorgeous body.

Playing with my puppet in front of an audience made my tip drip, but the light was shining on Lili and George. I weilded my new favorite toy of Lili's and parted her lips with no vitbration to start. I looked down at our new friend and he was glued to the show we were giving him.

'Ready??' I asked her as she braced herself. I turned George on and sent her through the roof. Her moans became screams and the watcher adjusted himself. The sweet dampness dripped down her thigh before she collasped within seconds of the vibrations starting.

We stand up and move to the bed, leaving our new friend to wonder who, what, where and why...

Monday, June 7, 2010

week 22: behind the 8 ball

 ...someone has some catching up to do...

she said as she walked in the door. He knew his mistake, and now it was time for him to pay up. For missing his deadlines he was her pain slut for this session. He had to accept all that she threw at him.

Not speaking a word, she throws a bag at his feet. He opens it and soon knows his fate. It's full of humiliation and new toys. He takes the 8ball gag and puts it on, not even noticing her take out a bull whip.

'Get your ass in position' she barks out at me. Not knowing what sort of pain is in my future, I do as Im told. I brace for impact and close my eyes tightly for the first crack of the whip.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

week 21: anticipation

With my cock stiff, I take aim...

That first plunge has no equal. The warmth, the dampness, all caused by my thrusts. Bringing pleasure to her beauty is worth the wait. Hearing her held back and muffled moans causes a frenzy with my devotion. My goal is to cause her legs to tremble at the end of every session, either from a pounding...oral worship or fevorish spanking.