Tuesday, August 31, 2010

week 33: ritual

I slither my way to the center of the pile and reach for the woman in the gas mask. Her legs are consumed by everyone around her, yet Im able to find an opening to her sweet center. My tongue reaches out as the tip flickers over her swollen bud. Others reach around me to join me in my quest, some even decide to give me a go.

Wanting to experience all thats around me, I swivel my head and take a look at my surroundings. Behind me a woman is rimming a gorgeous lady with an eye patch, two curly haired women are in front of me, my lover has her mouth wrapped around a long cock, while Im still very much enjoying my gas mask crush.

Rolling over, I allow others to play with my growing cock. The tip is quickly coated with droplets of pre-cum. I feel the latex of a condom being placed over my tip and rolled down to my base as I close my eyes and let my mind wander. I feel hands begin to rub my chest, down past my belly and along my thighs. I dont want to peek, I want to accept.

Soon there is pressure, as if Im at the entrance of someones ass. I bit my lip in pleasure and feel the walls slide down as a rhythm is created. A rocking motion joins the up and down of someone on top of me. I dont care who it is, Im enjoying the mystery of it all.

Someone grabs my hand and pulls me up. They whisper, keep your eyes shut and follow me. I grab a hold of the persons hand and follow them someplace. "You will enjoy this and think of it as your reward. These women are here for the ritual, and you are the one they are here to worship. Now put on this mask, then open up your eyes."

to be continued...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

week 32: Where do you fit in?

We arrive at the party hand in hand and take a look around for familiar faces, and much to our surprise we can not make out anyone we know. As we walk around we pause and watch as two couples entangle themselves in a web of love making. Their hands, feet, fingers and other body parts swap and exchange fluidly with one another, all for the enjoyment of others.

We continue our walk though the maze of love and into a much larger room. The scale can not be not be matched. There are too many couples to count, too many exposed beautiful bodies. Trying to figure out whos limbs are whos creates an eye sore. We find a spot on a couch just feet away from the action and my lover snuggles up next to me with excitement.

We hold hands as other couples walk by, some to join the action others to get a better view. I make eye contact with a masked woman, not a Zorro mask, but a gas mask. Her body, with all her curves and glory, dragged my attention to her. Her ample breasts and hard nipples begged to be pulled and tugged. Her round gorgeous ass dared to be spanked and fucked...while her wet pussy ached for the touch of my tongue.

I grab my lovers hand and lead her into the mix. Like sharks to a bloody steak, the swarm of attentive lovers around us is massive. I let go of her hand and dive right in. Bodies become blurred together, yet Im able to find my way to my crush for the night, the woman in the gas mask.

... to be continued

Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 31: curves

Your curves draw me in, hard and out of control. With ever inch revealed, I grow harder and harder for you. When I finally take you in, your curves hug my body. Your scent blends with mine and our aroma fills the air. Our rhythmic grunts echo throughout the hotel room, the slaps ring constantly in our ears and our hearts race with excitement, not wanting to cross that finish line.

Its your curves that start it all.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

week 30: nipple pull

I must apologize for the silence lately. But I'm back on track now and will have more up very soon!

When I look into those eyes,
I day dream and fantasize,
about your thighs
pointing to the skies.

I take aim, while you aim to please.
You flicker and tease,
everything above my knees.

I tie you up, and take you in.
Lips to lips, skin to skin.