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week 45: red

week 44: pink

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Week 40: Ursula

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week 36: Coco's pet

Like a lion stalks its prey, I quietly creep to my next victim and pull her out of the crowd. She comes with a leash, left on her by her master. I heard others talk about her, how she was left for others to use, a direct order from her master. I grab the leash and take lead of the situation.

Fewer and fewer people are at the party, which means the pet and I are able to get a room to ourselves. Its a wonderful thing to have this time of night, when your energy is not quite as high and you want some time between strokes or slaps. We reach the bed and I tie her to the bed with her leash. There she sits, waiting to be eaten by a one man pride.

Already naked, her perky tits are my first nibble of her perfect body. I bit into her mounds and tear her flesh apart. Grinding her nub over my sharp incisors causes her to squirm, her legs to twitch with excitement and her pussy to drip with anticipation. I switch between the set and eventually

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

week 35: tentacle

I walk over and sit down beside her on the altar. She moves to one side of the bed and reveals her ample tits as she tosses the red blanket off the bed. Her pretty pink nipples stand erect, waiting to be touched. "How do you plan on repaying me?" she asks with a soft sultry voice. I pause, take a deep breath and slide my hands between her legs, "This.." I guide my hand towards her sweet center and rub my thumb over her now swollen clit.

My fingers wiggle inside of her, squirming from one side of the wall to the other. I reach upwards and find that spot, making her knees buckle with excitement. My mouth traces her leg, kissing her inner thigh with little bites here an there to mix the pain and pleasure. Leaving my fingers deep inside her pussy, my mouth sucks in her folds in and out quickly causing her to tighten around me. "My, that's a ways to show your thanks!" she cries out.

She hops off the altar and positions herself between my legs. "Feed me your tentacle, I need it in my mouth now!" she demands of me. My cock grows with every word and soon is full of blood pumping towards my tip. My veins pop and roll with every stroke and her lips blanket them with warmth. Before my eyes roll back from the pleasure I look across the room and see a woman sitting next to a lion...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

week 34: altar

I look around this room and can only describe it as Colosseum. The pillars have naked women between them, which catches anyones eye. Their asses poke out, waiting to be spanked, played with or even fucked. As I walk by I make contact by asking them if they are ready, and every response is the same "Yes Sir."

I come to the first woman and tell her to lean forward and she does without hesitation. Her bubble but soon turns a pinkish red as I slap it with my open palm. "Thank you Sir!" she squeals out, I smirk and continue to build my slaps. Her knees begin to give as I hit her flesh harder and harder. I think to myself, "How does it feel for her if my hand is numb?!?" and pause to walk around to face her. "Do you like that my pet?" "Yes Sir!" "Get on your knees and wait for me to return."

I look back as I walk away and just as she's told, she 's on her knees. And as I approach the next woman, she poses for me showing off her wonderful body. I position myself behind her and whisper in her ear "Play with your pussy, but do not cum! I don't even want your pussy to get wet!" "But...but, how is that even possible?!" "That's not my problem, now is it?!" "No Sir."

She reaches down with one hand and softly rubs her pussy lips. With my cock pressing between her ass cheeks, I reach around and guide her fingers into her pussy. "Play! With! Your! Pussy! Now!!" "But then I'll get wet Sir." "Do as you're told pet!" "Yes Sir." Her fingers begin to dart in and out with haste and soon I can hear her pussy begin to get moist. The squish squish sounds become louder with ever building moment. "Can you squirt pet?" "Yes Sir." she cries out. "Lay down and show me!"

She lays down, spreads her legs and curves her fingers as she puts pressure on her g-spot. "Continue to do that till I get back." I command of my pet and walk off to the next woman. She has on some fire mask, covering her eyes. She is also on some sort of altar/bed. "Are you enjoying your gift?" she asks of me. "So you're the one I owe many thanks to?" "Yes, this is my party." she informs me. "Then I owe you more then many thanks, how can I repay you?!" I ask of her. "Come here, sit next to me."

I walk over and...

to be continued

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

week 33: ritual

I slither my way to the center of the pile and reach for the woman in the gas mask. Her legs are consumed by everyone around her, yet Im able to find an opening to her sweet center. My tongue reaches out as the tip flickers over her swollen bud. Others reach around me to join me in my quest, some even decide to give me a go.

Wanting to experience all thats around me, I swivel my head and take a look at my surroundings. Behind me a woman is rimming a gorgeous lady with an eye patch, two curly haired women are in front of me, my lover has her mouth wrapped around a long cock, while Im still very much enjoying my gas mask crush.

Rolling over, I allow others to play with my growing cock. The tip is quickly coated with droplets of pre-cum. I feel the latex of a condom being placed over my tip and rolled down to my base as I close my eyes and let my mind wander. I feel hands begin to rub my chest, down past my belly and along my thighs. I dont want to peek, I want to accept.

Soon there is pressure, as if Im at the entrance of someones ass. I bit my lip in pleasure and feel the walls slide down as a rhythm is created. A rocking motion joins the up and down of someone on top of me. I dont care who it is, Im enjoying the mystery of it all.

Someone grabs my hand and pulls me up. They whisper, keep your eyes shut and follow me. I grab a hold of the persons hand and follow them someplace. "You will enjoy this and think of it as your reward. These women are here for the ritual, and you are the one they are here to worship. Now put on this mask, then open up your eyes."

to be continued...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

week 32: Where do you fit in?

We arrive at the party hand in hand and take a look around for familiar faces, and much to our surprise we can not make out anyone we know. As we walk around we pause and watch as two couples entangle themselves in a web of love making. Their hands, feet, fingers and other body parts swap and exchange fluidly with one another, all for the enjoyment of others.

We continue our walk though the maze of love and into a much larger room. The scale can not be not be matched. There are too many couples to count, too many exposed beautiful bodies. Trying to figure out whos limbs are whos creates an eye sore. We find a spot on a couch just feet away from the action and my lover snuggles up next to me with excitement.

We hold hands as other couples walk by, some to join the action others to get a better view. I make eye contact with a masked woman, not a Zorro mask, but a gas mask. Her body, with all her curves and glory, dragged my attention to her. Her ample breasts and hard nipples begged to be pulled and tugged. Her round gorgeous ass dared to be spanked and fucked...while her wet pussy ached for the touch of my tongue.

I grab my lovers hand and lead her into the mix. Like sharks to a bloody steak, the swarm of attentive lovers around us is massive. I let go of her hand and dive right in. Bodies become blurred together, yet Im able to find my way to my crush for the night, the woman in the gas mask.

... to be continued

Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 31: curves

Your curves draw me in, hard and out of control. With ever inch revealed, I grow harder and harder for you. When I finally take you in, your curves hug my body. Your scent blends with mine and our aroma fills the air. Our rhythmic grunts echo throughout the hotel room, the slaps ring constantly in our ears and our hearts race with excitement, not wanting to cross that finish line.

Its your curves that start it all.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

week 30: nipple pull

I must apologize for the silence lately. But I'm back on track now and will have more up very soon!

When I look into those eyes,
I day dream and fantasize,
about your thighs
pointing to the skies.

I take aim, while you aim to please.
You flicker and tease,
everything above my knees.

I tie you up, and take you in.
Lips to lips, skin to skin.

Friday, July 9, 2010

week 26: ball kickers

Shes found her pain slut, a god among men as it seems. By day hes a logger down south and at night, he lets loose to his submissive impulses. She met him on a site and soon started chatting back and forth at night when things got dull around the house. She mentioned me in casual passing and said that I would love to watch her switch things up and take control and he eagerly agreed.

Nervous for her, I feel my heart jump through my shirt and into my lap on the drive to the hotel room. Im there to watch and watch only. And with a swift knock on the door, the night began.

He quickly removes his robe and shows of his well groomed figure. Tight belly, bulging arms and fully erect cock.

"Not so fast, who said you can enjoy this already! Get that down, NOW!" she barked out.

The pain slut quietly whimpered off to the corner and allowed his hard on to diminish before they continued on with their session. She got out her bag of goodies and leashed her new pet, walking him around the room like the dog that he is. He never left her side, in fact when they would stop, he would rest his head on her thighs.

"Not too close, you havent earned that yet!"

She made no eye contact with me, focusing on her toy. She loved the control she had over him, I could tell. Little smirks would emerge when she gave him orders such as making him lick her boots, walking him over to the toilet for him to lap up the only drink hes allowed tonight.

This was a new woman in my eyes, Im use to a different view, but I like what I see. I enjoy watching her creative mind at work.

Her next move involves her new cowgirl boots and firm pressure. He longs for that feeling, and knows whats about to happen. She is hesitant at first, but has her toy lay with his legs spread apart as she steps on his balls. You can see the pain on his face, but also the joy it brings.

They continue on throughout the night with other forms of embarrassment and pain as I just watch, knowing my lover is a delightfully evil switch.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

checkered flag

And the birthdays seem to keep coming. This time a present will be for Domenico, since he is the man of the hour. We meet at a hotel, much like we did the first time. But with all the first time jitters behind us, we take things slow.

I watch from afar as this beautiful couple compliment one another with various poses and positions. His massive body engulfs her tall frame. His paws grope and prod her body, causing her to squeal with delight. He motions me over, erect and primed, she takes me in and sips that first drip.

Our bodies touch as we enter her at the same time, his massive cock pushing me further into her. The feel of one hot body after another is unbearable. Her eyes flutter with pure bliss and soon they shut ohh so tightly as we begin our motions. The battering rams of thrust soon bring all of us to climax and as the guys shoot their seed into the latex barrier, she rolls over satisfied and well used.

But wait, hes yet to get his spankings...but shes the one receiving the blows tonight, but somehow I dont think she minds.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

week 24 - Birthday Boy

With her birthday soon approaching, I decided to give myself in whole to Lili. She gave me things to wear for our next playdate and was a bit concerned when I saw the strap on, but went through it with an open mind.

After excusing myself, I come back into the room with all that she could ask for and more...a smile. Im there to please my lover, and my gift to her for her birthday is my body. Today I am her puppet.

She dangles the string and has me follow her on all 4s across the room. Barking out orders, I kiss her boots, always following my good deed by saying 'Thank you my Queen'. The night continues and we move to the bed. My lover gives me a hint as to the pleasure Ive earned and allows me to fuck her...not with my excited cock, no no...with the strap on. I havent earned to fuck her with my cock yet.

We get in position and right as Im about to push my faux cock past her lips, she stops me and says 'get the blindfold...I know how much you love to watch'. She knows how much i love to see her expressions change. I do as Im told and get the blindfold from her goodie bag. With my lovely Lili below me I finally get to fuck her and thats how we end her birthday celebration.

Monday, June 14, 2010

week 23 - ...and I'll name him George...

His name may be George, but tonight she was the star. I decided that we were gonna play near a window and she was gonna get part of her 15 minutes of fame by onlookers from the groundd floor.

Lili stood in front of the sheer dressing parting her long legs just enough for me to reach up behind her to finger her excited pussy. We played for only moments before we noticed a man near his car.

'Knock on the window' I comanded my lover. She reached for the window and did as she was told. My cock stiffened with excitement. The man looked up and paused for a quick second as Lili parted the blinds giving him a better view of her gorgeous body.

Playing with my puppet in front of an audience made my tip drip, but the light was shining on Lili and George. I weilded my new favorite toy of Lili's and parted her lips with no vitbration to start. I looked down at our new friend and he was glued to the show we were giving him.

'Ready??' I asked her as she braced herself. I turned George on and sent her through the roof. Her moans became screams and the watcher adjusted himself. The sweet dampness dripped down her thigh before she collasped within seconds of the vibrations starting.

We stand up and move to the bed, leaving our new friend to wonder who, what, where and why...

Monday, June 7, 2010

week 22: behind the 8 ball

 ...someone has some catching up to do...

she said as she walked in the door. He knew his mistake, and now it was time for him to pay up. For missing his deadlines he was her pain slut for this session. He had to accept all that she threw at him.

Not speaking a word, she throws a bag at his feet. He opens it and soon knows his fate. It's full of humiliation and new toys. He takes the 8ball gag and puts it on, not even noticing her take out a bull whip.

'Get your ass in position' she barks out at me. Not knowing what sort of pain is in my future, I do as Im told. I brace for impact and close my eyes tightly for the first crack of the whip.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

week 21: anticipation

With my cock stiff, I take aim...

That first plunge has no equal. The warmth, the dampness, all caused by my hands...my words...my thrusts. Bringing pleasure to her beauty is worth the wait. Hearing her held back and muffled moans causes a frenzy with my devotion. My goal is to cause her legs to tremble at the end of every session, either from a pounding...oral worship or fevorish spanking.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

week 20: a study in perspective

She waits for me with eager arms and spread legs. Her glistening pussy tingles with excitement as my mouth makes contact for the first time in months. With every flicker her sweet juices coat my mouth, just in time for our next kiss. Her own wetness has become a drug of choice for her as of late.

With my cock stiff, I take aim...

Monday, May 17, 2010

week 19 - Wanna Ride?

The sun is out and casts a perfect day for our hitch-hiker desires. We've talked about this scenario for quite some time, but have had to wait for the weather to allow us this opportunity. With Lili's love for motorcycles, we've toyed with the idea of her picking me up along the road and finding a spot for us to have our fun. Well, that day is today.

I climb on the back, helmet fastened, and hold on to her gorgeous body while she rev's up and zooms us into traffic. The rush hits us both, and the rumble between my legs feels good, and god knows how much Lili enjoys it. We drive a bit, finally reaching a hidden away spot she knew of from a while ago. The trees do their part in blocking the outside world from looking in.

We move to the picnic bench with our back to the entrance. I take the seat while she moves between my legs. Running her hands along my thighs, sends signals my cock to get ready for whatever she has planned. Toying with me, she places her mouth over my jeans and starts to lick where my bulge is poking through.

"Don't be chicken, take it out."

I egg her on, practically daring her to take my cock in her mouth or for that matter, deep in her pussy.

"You want it too bad, earn it!"

This cat and mouse game is new to us both, but she's right...I want it bad!!

"What would you like me to do?"


"All the way?"


"Are you serious?!?"

Lili stands up and starts to walk toward her bike.

"Ok, ok...ok!"

I follow her instructions and start to strip. The cold Summer breeze sends shivers down my spin. But I'm determined to do as she's told just to get those magical lips around my cock. Finally pulling my jeans down past my ankles, I reveal my stiff cock.

"Good boy, now walk a lap!"

"You didn't say anything about a lap!!"

"Ok..." Lili walks towards her bike again.

"FINE!!" A little agitated, I walk my lap. "Now can you suck my cock?!?"

"I'll decide when your cock gets sucked!"


"Yes, what?!?"

"Yes Mrs Lili"

"Now do jumping jacks!"

"How many?"

"Till I say stop!"

At this point my hard-on has gone limp, but I know the real reward will be when I'm done with her games. So I start and continue till she says stop, about 20 jumping jacks or so.

Her shit eating grin is huge, that can only mean one thing...unimaginable head! I walk over to Lili and she takes my cock into her mouth. The heat builds and soon the blood is flowing to the very tips of my cock. Her eyes gaze back up, smiling back at me. Soon my seed fills her eager mouth. Lili licks her bottom lip, not waisting a drop and comes up for a kiss. We end our Road Session with smiles on both our faces.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week 18 - Sex, Music, Sex Pt 3

Now back at the hotel, we find ourselves wrapped in each other once again and rush to the bed. With no need to keep the dress on, she removes it and shows me her beautiful body for the first time tonight. My mouth instinctively dove for her sweet pussy and soon she was riding the waves of her high and made sure I didn’t leave till she was finished by pressing my head down between her legs.

With my cock hard and ready, I tell Lili to move to the edge of the bed so I can fuck her standing up. Its my favorite position mainly because it allows me to have leverage while I plunge into her. Having a few drinks in me, made me SUPERMAN! From the moment I entered her, I pounded away hard and fast. With her knees pressed against my chest, I changed the pace from time to time and rested in her at my deepest point.

We try out a few other positions, and end up with me behind her yet again. The wonderful sound of our bodies slapping together is allowing her to maintain her high, but unable to get passed that hump. It was at that point that I tell her to move to her side and take me into her mouth.

I wanted to give her a facial since the beginning of our session and to be honest, it was a perfect topper to our night. I took my cock in hand and began jacking off over her face. Her tongue darted out from time to time, licking my tip. Soon my seed sprayed across her lips and I was there to lick up any that was left over.

My legs at that point were rubber and I needed a breather, I haven’t pounded someone that hard since I was with a previous lover. My heart still racing, my legs regained their form, but I still needed to rest a few. Lili excused herself and freshened up for her drive home. Usually I walk her to her car, but I still needed a few and kissed her a thank you kiss for a wonderful night and watched as she left.

The night couldn’t have been any better. It started out just as it ended, with us in each others arms.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Week 17 Sex, Music Sex Pt 2

We arrive at the club at a modest time. The cold nights air finds its way to Lili’s pantie-less pussy, allowing her to hold on to me tightly for warmth. Before long we are in the club and walk around, giving her the tour I’ve been talking about for quite some time. One of the first things we see are Go-Go dancers, a new addition to the club. The two gorgeous women dance on a box near the main stage in fish-net stockings and bikinis, giving all of the crowd something beautiful to watch.

I buy us some drinks as we settle in a place near the dance floor. I take this time to educate Lili on some of the differences of music types and also things that interest me while I’m at a club. She listens intensely while holding my hand. Even as we walk around, I never let go, making sure she’s close to me.

The night moves on and before long, Lili pulls me closer to the dance floor. She gets with the groove and moves to the beat. The guy in front of us keeps brushing up against Lili, and me being the protective type tries to push him away. Lili, being the naughty vixen she is, whispers in my ear…”Maybe I like what he’s doing?!?” and from that moment on I didn’t worry.

As we move closer and closer to the middle of the dance floor, Lili guides my hands to her body and moves them about and down her waist. A not so subtle hint I am able to read. We didn’t talk about this, it was an in the moment decision that put a smile on both our faces. And as my hand climbed under her dress and up to her warm, wet pussy, I knew she wanted this for quite some time. My fingers found her bud and began to rub. Lili would bounce around, acting as if she were dancing, but all the while allowing me to slide my fingers deep into her pussy. I kept a close eye, but really wanted others to catch on to our fun.

At one point she pushes her ass close to my hard cock, reaches back and unzips my trousers. I don’t move, but simply allow this very much wanted invasion. Her hand gives me a quick pump and after several gratifying moments she pushes my thick cock back into its cage and we go about the night as we were.

The night, like many others, goes by quickly. We ask the beautiful young woman next to us for the time and we find out we’re 30 minutes past the time we said we would stay till. Not to worry, we had the whole night to ourselves, just simply didn’t want to stay out too late.

On the drive home my hand finds Lili’s thigh. Her dress was easy to move aside as she parted her legs just enough to give me access to her pussy. Not wanting to cause a crash, I would build her up then pull away. But soon it became too much, she pressed her knees against my hand and suggested that I stop.

….to be continued….

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 16 - Sex, Music, Sex Pt 1

Lili and I planned to meet on Friday the 23rd over a month in advance. It was a night of sex music and more sex. I wanted to take her to an area I was most comfortable in, a nightclub. There was a DJ that I had not seen in quite a while and asked Lili if she would be interested. I gave her the name of the DJ and she was off to iTunes, listening to podcasts from the artists. She became very excited to accompany me to the show.

The week leading up to the show we did our usual, messages and emails. She teased me with what she wanted to wear, and of course what she was willing not to wear. I had this idea of her keeping on the dress and even wearing panties while I fucked her for the first round at the hotel before the show. After our first round, panties were to remain off...I had a plan for our drive home.

I get to the hotel and give her a call, letting her know what room I was in. We found a great midway place that has very decent rooms and great prices, not to mention an ottoman that we both love! Soon, shes knocking on my door and we greet one another with our signature embrace and deep kiss. We don't get passed the kitchen before she simply lets go of her purse and coat, letting them flop down on the tile while we continue our hello's.

I guide her to the bed and inform her that Ive been wanting her lips wrapped around my cock all week and she wastes no time pushing me back on the bed and diving between my legs. Her eager mouth takes just the tip of me in before sliding down to the base. My hand quickly goes behind her head and grabs a handful of hair. Tugging back from time to time, holding her head back with just enough force for her to feel it adds passion to her fantastic mouth.

I strip down to the buff, while Lili keeps her dress and panties on as instructed. We move to the ottoman and she rests on all fours. I lift her dress, move her panties to the side and take my latex covered cock to the wet and ready entrance of her pussy. I plunge in and begin to fuck her with raw force and determination. I remember her enjoying a certain belt and break our rhythm to take it off my pants. She stays put, hearing the clanking of my buckle and knows whats to come. I wrap the belt around her neck and gently tug while I fuck her from behind. Our bodies slap and soon I fill the condom full of my seed.

With time still on our hands, we move to the bed for a quick rest. We make small talk about nothing in general, allowing both of us to gain our wits and stamina. Being greedy, I tell her that I want her lips on my mouth before we leave. She doesn't hesitate one minute before crawling on my chest and moving her wet pussy to the tip of my nose. Lili grinds down, allowing me to lick her slit while my nose rubs on her clit. I work my tongue as fast as I can, feeling her legs tremble around my ears. Her muffled moans mean shes close to another climax. She grabs a handful of hair and holds me in place while my tongue and full soft lips do their magic.

Once she reaches her heights, we pause again for just a short moment before we head to downtown for our show and yet another surprise by Lili...

To be continued....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week 15 - Snake

My cock slithers between your breasts, tip hitting that extended tongue of yours. Pulling your nipples while I smush those gorgeous D's around my cock adds just a bit of pain to the pleasure. After a quick ride, I dismount and slap the sides of your mounds sending slight stings to shoot across your chest.

I pull you to the edge of the bed and part your lips with my latex covered snake in the grass. I grab your ass, lift you up and plunge in for that first thrust we both have been eagerly waiting for all week. I look down at my glistened shaft, slowly driving it deep in you, resting when I'm as deep as I can get.

You become vocal with me, begging me to fuck you hard and now! Your request sends me into a fury. I grab a hold of your curvy sides and begin my assault on your eager and willing pussy. Our bodies slap together, my balls slap against your ass and soon moans escape your mouth.

I flip you over and push down on your back, giving me a great angle to fuck you from behind. Your hand reaches back to play with your clit and every now and again tickle my balls for me. My hand finds a lock of hair and I pull back in a not so gentle way. With a firm grip, I continue to fuck you as hard as I can. Now my balls slap over your swollen clit.

"Give it to me, fucking give it to me!"

You want my cum and I'm close to giving you what you want. I do all I can to bring you to climax before I jump off the bed, tear off the condom and position your face in front of my ready cock. My jerks bring me to climax and I shoot my seed over your face with your smile of approval. You stand up, kiss me and give me a taste of our sweet creation.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 14 - Burlesque Show

I see my Fiery Dancer on stage, giving the audience a show they will never forget. Her moves mimic as if she were between the sheets, fluid and graceful but full of passion. She teases all that gaze at her with quick peeks at her ample bosoms and twirls around flashing her frilly tush.

With her feather fan in hand, she removes all but her tassels flashing her round mounds. The music moves her, the cheers drive her and soon she finds her spirit on stage. The lights shine down on her, bouncing off her flawless skin. As the music climbs, so does her enthusiasm to put on a show.

She guides us all on a journey of eroticism and becomes one with the music. Her motions bring us to climax as the song comes to an end. Leaving her all on stage, she twirls around, exiting the stage, giving us one last glimpse at her perfect tush.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 13 - Bunny

I follow you around with my basket full of goodies, picking up the toys you have hidden for me around your apartment. I get to your vibrating egg and rush to use it on you. With your smile giving me permission, I place the egg between your legs and watch the moisture drip down your thigh.

Your nipples get hard when I trace the dampened egg up your belly and rest it between your tits. Those pink buds blend in perfect with the pastel shells. I take one into my mouth and bite down hard, turning them from hot pink to fiery red.
I stand up and hover over your face and demand that you get naked, but keep on the bunny ears. Your gorgeous body shows off your curves as you twist and turn on the fake grass.

Looking down at my sexy bunny, I stroke my cock. You push your tits together, giving me a target to aim for when I reach my climax. You break that only to reach down and play with your pussy, leaving a wet trail as you bring your hand back up between your tits. Soon I reach my orgasm and spray my seed over your hard nipples. Bending down to clean up my mess, I give you a kiss with my sweet seed still on my lips and thank you for the night.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 12 - reverse art

Her body became my canvas. With every stroke of my brush, I covered a piece of her flesh with different colored fluid.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week 11 - Keyhole

As I walk upstairs, I hear familiar sounds coming from my roommates door. I peek through the keyhole and take in the beautiful sight of his new girlfriend having her way with him. I try to be as quiet as I can, watching her bend his will to her likening. He always seems to get what he wants, regardless of what "that" is at the time.

I continue to watch as she takes swipes at him with her crop, one after another after another, I can see the smile in her eyes grow bigger and bigger. What I can't see is if my roommate is enjoying the moment as much as I would, his face is towards the head of the bed, all I'm stuck seeing is the redness of his bum. With the visual sight I have, my cock grows in my jeans and will soon be in need of attention.

Then, the last thing in the world I want to happen, happens...I create attention to myself when I drop my keys. They both look over towards the door and I run in fear. I go about my business as if it never happened. And much to my surprise, they continue on with their fun. "Did they hear me?" I ask myself over and over..."Nah."

I fall asleep to the sounds of their love making and wake up the next day with wonderful memories of dreams caused by the sight through the keyhole. I get dressed and head downstairs to make myself breakfast when I run into Lili, the flame of the night. Rather embarrassed, I avoid her and pretend as if she isn't in the room. This can't go on for ever and I finally strike up a conversation with her. I ask her rather dull questions, just making friendly chit chat. Then she leans into my ear and whispers to me "Next time you wanna watch, try to be a little bit quieter or I'll have to punish you too."

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week 10 - From Behind

We have only two hours for our meeting, foreplay came in the form of emails and offline messages throughout the week. When we finally embrace each other, no time is wasted before our clothes are off to the side of the bed. Your long legs help position you over the edge of the bed, allowing me my new favorite position...fucking you from behind. I put pressure on your lower back, keeping you in place and watch as my cock slides into your wet pussy.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week 9 - Lili's Punishment

Lili was late for our first week into the art project. We talked about deadlines the entire week leading up to that first Friday, and what does she do?!? She forgets. I tried to give her that one week grace period, but she was a trooper and wanted that first deadline to be THE deadline.

The weeks pass and our play date has arrived and throughout the week I was teasing her of possible things I was gonna do. "Nothing but clit slaps", "Endless flogging"...all things I knew she would enjoy. Well, this was suppose to be a punishment, but I knew whatever I did she would enjoy...why not make her REALLY enjoy it??

We meet for just the second time and things between us grew to a whole new level. We are more comfortable around each other, not only in person but in text. We spend the better part of our days texting, tweeting or emailing each other our dirty thoughts. And now that she was in my hands, my control, I wanted to make sure she knew what she would miss the next time she missed a deadline.

I pushed her down to the bed and quickly took aim with my eager mouth. Her already wet mound was my target, and there it would stay for the better part of 45 minutes. I wanted to go down on her sooo well that she wouldn't forget how good my tongue actually is. She wasn't tied to the bed, she wasn't told not to move. I wanted her to enjoy this...very bad!!

My wide tongue starts at the lower opening of her slit, taking in that sweet taste of hers, and works its way up to her clit. Quick flicks over her hood bring out that first moan. As I press down harder and harder, my full soft lips rest on the outer walls, adding pressure just where she likes it. I go from sucking on her lips, clit and all around to precise placements over her clit. And once my fingers add to the mix, she really starts to get into it.

I pause, wanting to build her orgasm, and finger her for a while. My hook like shape reaches back to her G-Spot as I wiggle around her damp pussy. I position myself next to her, fingers still knuckle deep, and take her nipple into my mouth. Biting down hard, she reaches for the sheet and grabs hold very tightly. Not once has she opened her eyes, she's in her own zone.

I pull out my fingers and run them up her body, letting her taste her own wetness. I've yet to make her climax, I'm very aware of that. I wanted to tease her a bit more, but I also wanted to make her scream. My mouth found its way back to her wet pussy, and I knew I wasn't gonna leave till I felt her body collapse.

With my fingers exploring her insides, my mouth was surround her outsides. Every lick I brought her closer and closer. Every rub from the tips of my fingers added to her escalating moans. "Ohh god, please don't stop" eventually escaped her mouth and that's when I really worked her over. Quicker flicks, quicker jabs, harder pressure and more focus on her clit soon brought her that wave of ecstasy.

Her knees overlapped one another, her arms laid at her side and that was my cue to say "If you miss another deadline, your punishment will be...No oral pleasure from my lips or tongue." I hardly doubt I can with hold from going down on her, that would be punishment for me. But its a fun game we play and since that day, she's only missed one deadline...last weeks. How should I punish my partner, I would love to hear your suggestions.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 8 - Wheel

She rolls the wheel over my erect cock and with every pin it sends my nerves into ecstasy. Her tongue shadows the wheel and quickly sooths any pain that was caused, and it's that mix of pain and pleasure that I'm growing to love.

She rolls it further down my leg, over the meaty thigh and back up the sensitive inner thigh. She rests the pins on my balls, and oh my god what a feeling! Placing the new favorite toy on the center part of my shaft, she rolls it up to the tip and back down the top part of my cock.

Following my happy trail back up to my belly, she begins to tease me with pin points that are just a bit painful. I'm in it for the experience and continue to think of the pleasure that's to follow. Knowing my lover, I keep thinking of her mounting my cock to help mask the pain she's caused. And soon enough, she does just that.

A slow grind with the wheel still pressed against my skin, soon turns into deep thrusts with the wheel placed on the nightstand. We've both been brought to the breaking point and I allow her to control the pace, depth and angle. My breathing gets shallow as I hold back my orgasm, wanting her to join me in this ultimate pleasure.

My tip swells with anticipation, and that's enough to send her body rocking. Her hands dig deep into my chest as she slams down on me, hitting her g-spot with fierce determination. I confess I'm about ready to burst and she too screams she's there with me. Our latex barrier is soon filled with my seed and we end our first round of play in each others arms.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 7 - Corset

Post at the four corners of the bed, you walk towards me with a flogger in hand. I take a good look at the outfit for this play date as you approach me and its as simple as is it beautiful, your body paying compliments to the corset you're wearing.

Twirling the flogger in circles before it hits my thighs, creates that swoosh sound that gets your pussy tingling. And the moment it hits my skin, I wiggle in blissful agony. Continued slaps turn my tan skin a bit red. You go from thigh to thigh, allowing just a brief moment of relief before another slap.

You begin to un-tie your corset, revealing your full breasts. Once off, you lay it over my crotch and crawl on top of me. "You wanted me to trace my nipples over your body, well you must earn it!" You continue to crawl over me till your knees are around my ears.

Resting your pussy over my nose and chin, I flicker my tongue over your clit. Lending a helping hand, you pull your hood back to give me full access. I work harder and harder to get you to the promise land, wishing I had a free hand to caress your body. Quicker flicks and more help from your very own fingertips break the plane and your breathing gets heavy. Knowing you're close, I don't stop. Soon, you collapse over me and rest before you follow your word by tracing my body with your nipples.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 6 - Dirty Girl

Fresh off a ride, you peel off your gear, leaving your pony tails for me to grab on to and your fly panties for me to rip away.

Crawling towards the head of the bed, you give me the view I adore so greatly, your bubble butt. Swift whacks get your pale skin a rosy red. And soon those fly panties are on the floor.

With my shielded cock, I take aim for your smooth pussy with your crop in hand. I don't use it to whip your ass, but I drape it over your neck and pull back with both hands. Not a way you ever imagined I would use it on you, and that gets your pussy sopping wet!

With every thrust, you feel the cold rod rubbing on your neck. Your hands rest behind your head, giving in to the moment. I throw the crop aside and fuck you with a purpose. Tugging on those pig tails I ride you from behind till I fill that latex barrier and call you my dirty girl.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 5 - Tied Flower

Your bound body tied to the bed, I bow my lips to meet your sweet center. I take your petals into my mouth, sucking ever so gently before I take a nibble.

You squirm, but the knots that bind you dig into your skin. The burn sets in from the rope, and this is the point where I turn into that evil bastard you wanted.

I begin to finger you with fierce raw determination. Your back arches while the surge of energy shoots through your body. I'm bent on getting you to squirt!

My hooked shape finger reaches that sweet spot. I don't stop, even when my arms burn from the motions. And soon, your body shoots forth a liquid...success! Sweet success!!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 4 - Canvas *C*

I had to show off each work individually. Enjoy

Week 4 - Canvas *B*

Week 4 - Canvas *A*

Week 4 - Canvas

This is what's written on the paintings themselves...

You are my canvas, there for me to turn you different shades of red. Whether it be from the stinging slap to your nipple or the blush that rushes to your cheeks after a compliment, you're there for me to color.

You are my canvas, there for me to turn different shades of milky white. My hot cum spraying across your skin after you've brought me over the edge with your mouth or eager, wet pussy.

You are my canvas, there for me to turn your world darker then you're use to. Blindfolded and unexpecting of what's to cum. It could be the poke from a fork across your thighs, leading the way to your dampened pussy or the light touch of a feather over your nipples to get them to stand on end.

But most importantly, you are becoming my muse. There for me to gain strength and promise. Giving me the ideas to brush across my canvas, allowing me to swipe you clean and rework you from day to day.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week 3 - Dessert

We meet at our spot, a nice pizzaria for drinks and a chat. We laugh when I tell you about how messy I get when I eat, right as I get spillage on my shirt. Our talk is flirty and I let you in on a secret, I want a lil parking lot play...and as we look at the time...it has flew by us once again. You're due home any minute.

I walk you to your car and our lips meet when we get there. A driver yells at us in a kidding way, "Get a room you two" but that doesn't stop us, hell...that doesn't stop me from pulling up your skirt to flash them. We continue our kiss, you reach down my pants and grab a hold of my cock... I tap you on the ass and whisper in your ear..."A family is coming this way" and we stop our naughty ways long enough for them to pass, but continue when they are far enough away.

I ask you several times if you must leave, whispering one last time what I want you to do...but sadly you must go and say "I'll get my dessert on Tuesday"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 2 - Queen of Hearts

"Taking aim at what's hers, the Queen of Hearts grabs her mallot and hits one ball into another. Her card doesn't double over in pain, but smiles as he gets what he deserves."

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week 1 - Barbedwire

"The steel coils up my leg like a cobra to its prey. Inching its way up my thigh before it injects its venomous lust into my stream."