Tuesday, May 25, 2010

week 20: a study in perspective

She waits for me with eager arms and spread legs. Her glistening pussy tingles with excitement as my mouth makes contact for the first time in months. With every flicker her sweet juices coat my mouth, just in time for our next kiss. Her own wetness has become a drug of choice for her as of late.

With my cock stiff, I take aim...

Monday, May 17, 2010

week 19 - Wanna Ride?

The sun is out and casts a perfect day for our hitch-hiker desires. We've talked about this scenario for quite some time, but have had to wait for the weather to allow us this opportunity. With Lili's love for motorcycles, we've toyed with the idea of her picking me up along the road and finding a spot for us to have our fun. Well, that day is today.

I climb on the back, helmet fastened, and hold on to her gorgeous body while she rev's up and zooms us into traffic. The rush hits us both, and the rumble between my legs feels good, and god knows how much Lili enjoys it. We drive a bit, finally reaching a hidden away spot she knew of from a while ago. The trees do their part in blocking the outside world from looking in.

We move to the picnic bench with our back to the entrance. I take the seat while she moves between my legs. Running her hands along my thighs, sends signals my cock to get ready for whatever she has planned. Toying with me, she places her mouth over my jeans and starts to lick where my bulge is poking through.

"Don't be chicken, take it out."

I egg her on, practically daring her to take my cock in her mouth or for that matter, deep in her pussy.

"You want it too bad, earn it!"

This cat and mouse game is new to us both, but she's right...I want it bad!!

"What would you like me to do?"


"All the way?"


"Are you serious?!?"

Lili stands up and starts to walk toward her bike.

"Ok, ok...ok!"

I follow her instructions and start to strip. The cold Summer breeze sends shivers down my spin. But I'm determined to do as she's told just to get those magical lips around my cock. Finally pulling my jeans down past my ankles, I reveal my stiff cock.

"Good boy, now walk a lap!"

"You didn't say anything about a lap!!"

"Ok..." Lili walks towards her bike again.

"FINE!!" A little agitated, I walk my lap. "Now can you suck my cock?!?"

"I'll decide when your cock gets sucked!"


"Yes, what?!?"

"Yes Mrs Lili"

"Now do jumping jacks!"

"How many?"

"Till I say stop!"

At this point my hard-on has gone limp, but I know the real reward will be when I'm done with her games. So I start and continue till she says stop, about 20 jumping jacks or so.

Her shit eating grin is huge, that can only mean one thing...unimaginable head! I walk over to Lili and she takes my cock into her mouth. The heat builds and soon the blood is flowing to the very tips of my cock. Her eyes gaze back up, smiling back at me. Soon my seed fills her eager mouth. Lili licks her bottom lip, not waisting a drop and comes up for a kiss. We end our Road Session with smiles on both our faces.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week 18 - Sex, Music, Sex Pt 3

Now back at the hotel, we find ourselves wrapped in each other once again and rush to the bed. With no need to keep the dress on, she removes it and shows me her beautiful body for the first time tonight. My mouth instinctively dove for her sweet pussy and soon she was riding the waves of her high and made sure I didn’t leave till she was finished by pressing my head down between her legs.

With my cock hard and ready, I tell Lili to move to the edge of the bed so I can fuck her standing up. Its my favorite position mainly because it allows me to have leverage while I plunge into her. Having a few drinks in me, made me SUPERMAN! From the moment I entered her, I pounded away hard and fast. With her knees pressed against my chest, I changed the pace from time to time and rested in her at my deepest point.

We try out a few other positions, and end up with me behind her yet again. The wonderful sound of our bodies slapping together is allowing her to maintain her high, but unable to get passed that hump. It was at that point that I tell her to move to her side and take me into her mouth.

I wanted to give her a facial since the beginning of our session and to be honest, it was a perfect topper to our night. I took my cock in hand and began jacking off over her face. Her tongue darted out from time to time, licking my tip. Soon my seed sprayed across her lips and I was there to lick up any that was left over.

My legs at that point were rubber and I needed a breather, I haven’t pounded someone that hard since I was with a previous lover. My heart still racing, my legs regained their form, but I still needed to rest a few. Lili excused herself and freshened up for her drive home. Usually I walk her to her car, but I still needed a few and kissed her a thank you kiss for a wonderful night and watched as she left.

The night couldn’t have been any better. It started out just as it ended, with us in each others arms.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Week 17 Sex, Music Sex Pt 2

We arrive at the club at a modest time. The cold nights air finds its way to Lili’s pantie-less pussy, allowing her to hold on to me tightly for warmth. Before long we are in the club and walk around, giving her the tour I’ve been talking about for quite some time. One of the first things we see are Go-Go dancers, a new addition to the club. The two gorgeous women dance on a box near the main stage in fish-net stockings and bikinis, giving all of the crowd something beautiful to watch.

I buy us some drinks as we settle in a place near the dance floor. I take this time to educate Lili on some of the differences of music types and also things that interest me while I’m at a club. She listens intensely while holding my hand. Even as we walk around, I never let go, making sure she’s close to me.

The night moves on and before long, Lili pulls me closer to the dance floor. She gets with the groove and moves to the beat. The guy in front of us keeps brushing up against Lili, and me being the protective type tries to push him away. Lili, being the naughty vixen she is, whispers in my ear…”Maybe I like what he’s doing?!?” and from that moment on I didn’t worry.

As we move closer and closer to the middle of the dance floor, Lili guides my hands to her body and moves them about and down her waist. A not so subtle hint I am able to read. We didn’t talk about this, it was an in the moment decision that put a smile on both our faces. And as my hand climbed under her dress and up to her warm, wet pussy, I knew she wanted this for quite some time. My fingers found her bud and began to rub. Lili would bounce around, acting as if she were dancing, but all the while allowing me to slide my fingers deep into her pussy. I kept a close eye, but really wanted others to catch on to our fun.

At one point she pushes her ass close to my hard cock, reaches back and unzips my trousers. I don’t move, but simply allow this very much wanted invasion. Her hand gives me a quick pump and after several gratifying moments she pushes my thick cock back into its cage and we go about the night as we were.

The night, like many others, goes by quickly. We ask the beautiful young woman next to us for the time and we find out we’re 30 minutes past the time we said we would stay till. Not to worry, we had the whole night to ourselves, just simply didn’t want to stay out too late.

On the drive home my hand finds Lili’s thigh. Her dress was easy to move aside as she parted her legs just enough to give me access to her pussy. Not wanting to cause a crash, I would build her up then pull away. But soon it became too much, she pressed her knees against my hand and suggested that I stop.

….to be continued….

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 16 - Sex, Music, Sex Pt 1

Lili and I planned to meet on Friday the 23rd over a month in advance. It was a night of sex music and more sex. I wanted to take her to an area I was most comfortable in, a nightclub. There was a DJ that I had not seen in quite a while and asked Lili if she would be interested. I gave her the name of the DJ and she was off to iTunes, listening to podcasts from the artists. She became very excited to accompany me to the show.

The week leading up to the show we did our usual, messages and emails. She teased me with what she wanted to wear, and of course what she was willing not to wear. I had this idea of her keeping on the dress and even wearing panties while I fucked her for the first round at the hotel before the show. After our first round, panties were to remain off...I had a plan for our drive home.

I get to the hotel and give her a call, letting her know what room I was in. We found a great midway place that has very decent rooms and great prices, not to mention an ottoman that we both love! Soon, shes knocking on my door and we greet one another with our signature embrace and deep kiss. We don't get passed the kitchen before she simply lets go of her purse and coat, letting them flop down on the tile while we continue our hello's.

I guide her to the bed and inform her that Ive been wanting her lips wrapped around my cock all week and she wastes no time pushing me back on the bed and diving between my legs. Her eager mouth takes just the tip of me in before sliding down to the base. My hand quickly goes behind her head and grabs a handful of hair. Tugging back from time to time, holding her head back with just enough force for her to feel it adds passion to her fantastic mouth.

I strip down to the buff, while Lili keeps her dress and panties on as instructed. We move to the ottoman and she rests on all fours. I lift her dress, move her panties to the side and take my latex covered cock to the wet and ready entrance of her pussy. I plunge in and begin to fuck her with raw force and determination. I remember her enjoying a certain belt and break our rhythm to take it off my pants. She stays put, hearing the clanking of my buckle and knows whats to come. I wrap the belt around her neck and gently tug while I fuck her from behind. Our bodies slap and soon I fill the condom full of my seed.

With time still on our hands, we move to the bed for a quick rest. We make small talk about nothing in general, allowing both of us to gain our wits and stamina. Being greedy, I tell her that I want her lips on my mouth before we leave. She doesn't hesitate one minute before crawling on my chest and moving her wet pussy to the tip of my nose. Lili grinds down, allowing me to lick her slit while my nose rubs on her clit. I work my tongue as fast as I can, feeling her legs tremble around my ears. Her muffled moans mean shes close to another climax. She grabs a handful of hair and holds me in place while my tongue and full soft lips do their magic.

Once she reaches her heights, we pause again for just a short moment before we head to downtown for our show and yet another surprise by Lili...

To be continued....