Tuesday, August 31, 2010

week 33: ritual

I slither my way to the center of the pile and reach for the woman in the gas mask. Her legs are consumed by everyone around her, yet Im able to find an opening to her sweet center. My tongue reaches out as the tip flickers over her swollen bud. Others reach around me to join me in my quest, some even decide to give me a go.

Wanting to experience all thats around me, I swivel my head and take a look at my surroundings. Behind me a woman is rimming a gorgeous lady with an eye patch, two curly haired women are in front of me, my lover has her mouth wrapped around a long cock, while Im still very much enjoying my gas mask crush.

Rolling over, I allow others to play with my growing cock. The tip is quickly coated with droplets of pre-cum. I feel the latex of a condom being placed over my tip and rolled down to my base as I close my eyes and let my mind wander. I feel hands begin to rub my chest, down past my belly and along my thighs. I dont want to peek, I want to accept.

Soon there is pressure, as if Im at the entrance of someones ass. I bit my lip in pleasure and feel the walls slide down as a rhythm is created. A rocking motion joins the up and down of someone on top of me. I dont care who it is, Im enjoying the mystery of it all.

Someone grabs my hand and pulls me up. They whisper, keep your eyes shut and follow me. I grab a hold of the persons hand and follow them someplace. "You will enjoy this and think of it as your reward. These women are here for the ritual, and you are the one they are here to worship. Now put on this mask, then open up your eyes."

to be continued...


  1. Interesting that you call this named this art stonehenge. I find the image haunting.

    Forgive my naivete or ignorance but what are the women doing? Are they slaves standing naked and bare, waiting to be used? Is this akin to being told to stand in the corner?

    The mask man is so interesting.

    What is the medium of this piece?


  2. Hi Hedone!

    The filename of this piece is "stonehenge" because I visited the Stonehenge Memorial in the Washington Gorge in August. I used photos from that to create the structure here. I try to use literal names for filenames, as it helps me remember what the piece is without having to view the thumbnail.

    You are correct in that the women are awaiting their fate. I feel that much of my work is very literal, so I wanted to try something less so. Did it work? :)

    This is charcoal pencil...and, as of this morning, cat paw prints. It rained last night, and Domenico's cat climbed over this piece to get to the window with muddy paws. :(

    Thank you (and to EmmyRTWS) for continuing to comment on my work! I love the feedback and comments the pieces invoke.


  3. Wow, it's like you knew I would comment! :)

    I LOVE your work! You have an incredible talent! And this one is not an exception. I love how it makes you wonder what is about to happen.

    Now I have to figure out where this place is in the Gorge to see it. :)

  4. @Emmy: its on the Washington side across from Biggs Junction, next to Maryhill. It was awesome to watch the meteor shower there!

  5. This piece is thought-provoking. It makes your mind wander and imagine. You sort start to build your own story.

    So sorry to hear the cat destroyed it. Bright side? You've photographed it so it is captured for you to share.


  6. @Hedone: I love it, as that is exactly what I wanted to happen: I wanted to plant a seed and let the viewer take off with it. Thank you so much for playing along! :)