Tuesday, January 18, 2011

week 52: the next chapter

We are now well past our 52nd week. As you can tell, ConfessorX and I made a valiant attempt to complete a piece every week. However, as the saying goes, life gets in the way.

We are on separate paths at the moment.

We had a lot of fun and learned a lot about ourselves and our limits and talents. We had a great time sharing it all with you. I love the comments and the connections I made here.

Until the time that we reconnect with ConfessorX, you can find me on twitter. I may spin up my old blog again soon to track my other creative endeavors, so please "stay tuned". :)

Thank you for sharing the jouney with us.



  1. Thanks for making the effort of doing as many as you could.


  2. Lili you did more than make an effort...you came through with flying colors. I so enjoyed this project. Confessor X I enjoyed your sexy prose as well and I hope that you are off having a grand time in life.

    Lili you are soooo talented and I love the originality of your art. Please do start up your blog so that I can stalk...I mean track your other projects. :D

    Please leave this 52 weeks project up. I often tell people about it or link to specific pieces.

    Again, thank you SO MUCH for the pleasure you have given me.

  3. This week's artwork is so appropriate. You riding off, looking slightly over your shoulder at what you have left but not really looking back.

    BTW...do you ride your bike in an outfit like that? If yes...YOWZA! Hot damn...sexy.


  4. @FloridaDom Thank you!

    @Hedone You are such a delight! Thank you for your tremendous support throughout the year. You can stalk...I mean follow me anywhere!

    This blog will stay up, as ConfessorX may return with stories from afar. :)

    And no, I don't ride in clothes like that. I'm a firm believer in All the Gear All the Time.


  5. I love that this is the final one. The sexy woman riding away from the chaos. Why do I get the impression you have done that before? ;-)

    Seriously, I thought Mad Max when I saw it. Love how the woman and the moto are going off frame. Or were they never really in the frame?

    Great work to you both - especially to you Lili! While writing is hard, doing 52 mostly complete works of art - especially some of your pieces, was no small undertaking.

  6. Great job!! Amazing talent and collaboration. Your compositions and use of space are very cool. I hope you continue in some fashion for 2011!