Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week 3 - Dessert

We meet at our spot, a nice pizzaria for drinks and a chat. We laugh when I tell you about how messy I get when I eat, right as I get spillage on my shirt. Our talk is flirty and I let you in on a secret, I want a lil parking lot play...and as we look at the has flew by us once again. You're due home any minute.

I walk you to your car and our lips meet when we get there. A driver yells at us in a kidding way, "Get a room you two" but that doesn't stop us, hell...that doesn't stop me from pulling up your skirt to flash them. We continue our kiss, you reach down my pants and grab a hold of my cock... I tap you on the ass and whisper in your ear..."A family is coming this way" and we stop our naughty ways long enough for them to pass, but continue when they are far enough away.

I ask you several times if you must leave, whispering one last time what I want you to do...but sadly you must go and say "I'll get my dessert on Tuesday"

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  1. Oh how I love this!! Definitely great teasing and a even cooler picture.:)