Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 4 - Canvas

This is what's written on the paintings themselves...

You are my canvas, there for me to turn you different shades of red. Whether it be from the stinging slap to your nipple or the blush that rushes to your cheeks after a compliment, you're there for me to color.

You are my canvas, there for me to turn different shades of milky white. My hot cum spraying across your skin after you've brought me over the edge with your mouth or eager, wet pussy.

You are my canvas, there for me to turn your world darker then you're use to. Blindfolded and unexpecting of what's to cum. It could be the poke from a fork across your thighs, leading the way to your dampened pussy or the light touch of a feather over your nipples to get them to stand on end.

But most importantly, you are becoming my muse. There for me to gain strength and promise. Giving me the ideas to brush across my canvas, allowing me to swipe you clean and rework you from day to day.


  1. Up until this post, the images have driven the words. This week's submission is the opposite. ConfessorX wrote the prose, and I was compelled to add the imagery.

  2. Love all three of them! You did a great job creating the image for his words.