Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week 9 - Lili's Punishment

Lili was late for our first week into the art project. We talked about deadlines the entire week leading up to that first Friday, and what does she do?!? She forgets. I tried to give her that one week grace period, but she was a trooper and wanted that first deadline to be THE deadline.

The weeks pass and our play date has arrived and throughout the week I was teasing her of possible things I was gonna do. "Nothing but clit slaps", "Endless flogging"...all things I knew she would enjoy. Well, this was suppose to be a punishment, but I knew whatever I did she would enjoy...why not make her REALLY enjoy it??

We meet for just the second time and things between us grew to a whole new level. We are more comfortable around each other, not only in person but in text. We spend the better part of our days texting, tweeting or emailing each other our dirty thoughts. And now that she was in my hands, my control, I wanted to make sure she knew what she would miss the next time she missed a deadline.

I pushed her down to the bed and quickly took aim with my eager mouth. Her already wet mound was my target, and there it would stay for the better part of 45 minutes. I wanted to go down on her sooo well that she wouldn't forget how good my tongue actually is. She wasn't tied to the bed, she wasn't told not to move. I wanted her to enjoy this...very bad!!

My wide tongue starts at the lower opening of her slit, taking in that sweet taste of hers, and works its way up to her clit. Quick flicks over her hood bring out that first moan. As I press down harder and harder, my full soft lips rest on the outer walls, adding pressure just where she likes it. I go from sucking on her lips, clit and all around to precise placements over her clit. And once my fingers add to the mix, she really starts to get into it.

I pause, wanting to build her orgasm, and finger her for a while. My hook like shape reaches back to her G-Spot as I wiggle around her damp pussy. I position myself next to her, fingers still knuckle deep, and take her nipple into my mouth. Biting down hard, she reaches for the sheet and grabs hold very tightly. Not once has she opened her eyes, she's in her own zone.

I pull out my fingers and run them up her body, letting her taste her own wetness. I've yet to make her climax, I'm very aware of that. I wanted to tease her a bit more, but I also wanted to make her scream. My mouth found its way back to her wet pussy, and I knew I wasn't gonna leave till I felt her body collapse.

With my fingers exploring her insides, my mouth was surround her outsides. Every lick I brought her closer and closer. Every rub from the tips of my fingers added to her escalating moans. "Ohh god, please don't stop" eventually escaped her mouth and that's when I really worked her over. Quicker flicks, quicker jabs, harder pressure and more focus on her clit soon brought her that wave of ecstasy.

Her knees overlapped one another, her arms laid at her side and that was my cue to say "If you miss another deadline, your punishment will be...No oral pleasure from my lips or tongue." I hardly doubt I can with hold from going down on her, that would be punishment for me. But its a fun game we play and since that day, she's only missed one deadline...last weeks. How should I punish my partner, I would love to hear your suggestions.


  1. *laughs* If that is the punishment for the first offensive, I'd make sure I did it often.;)

  2. Oh dear gawd that was delicious!

    Oh lucky lucky Lili.

    Fierybitch I love this artwork. I love how you created the shadows--light & dark. Is it a pencil sketch? And the woman's breasts are beautiful. Very nice art indeed.

    Thank you both for this creation.

  3. @Hedone: Thank you! This was my third or fourth attempt at getting the rendering right. I could have done it again, but I was running out of time! :) It isn't pencil, but conte crayon. Yet another medium that I haven't used in years.
    - Lili (aka Fierybitch)

  4. @Hedone: Thanks again for the blog mention. *muah*!

  5. Well, of course there are various levels of 'punishment' and it all boils down to how nicely you play.

    On the simple end, you could simply use orgasm denial as a form of punishment. You seem to like long play sessions, so that could be effective.

    If you want to get a little more complicated, you can incorporate some hardware. Maybe tie her down (or, simple wrists-to-the-ankles can be effective) and pull out a new set of nipple clamps. Personally, I recommend going to Home Depot and walking through the aisles for inspiration. You may find you need to wrap some of those products in fleece cloth you've purchased from Joann Fabrics.

    Finally, you can get serious and introduce real pain and real anxiety. Ever take saran wrap and wrap someone's head in it?

    You two sound like you're having fun exploring and I commend you for that. Playing at that level really lets you examine issues of trust and opens the door to a level of relationship that usually takes years to develop.

  6. @Anonymous I'm into breath play, but not to that level. Thanks for the suggestions though...I think... LOL
    - Lili

  7. I love the picture & I've had already heard the more complete version of the story. :)

  8. I'm with Gray on this, I'd be one bad-ass-gettin-trouble-for-no-fucking-reason!

    Punish me baby!

    Ahem, I mean I'm sorry, please don't punish me again!!