Monday, June 14, 2010

week 23 - ...and I'll name him George...

His name may be George, but tonight she was the star. I decided that we were gonna play near a window and she was gonna get part of her 15 minutes of fame by onlookers from the groundd floor.

Lili stood in front of the sheer dressing parting her long legs just enough for me to reach up behind her to finger her excited pussy. We played for only moments before we noticed a man near his car.

'Knock on the window' I comanded my lover. She reached for the window and did as she was told. My cock stiffened with excitement. The man looked up and paused for a quick second as Lili parted the blinds giving him a better view of her gorgeous body.

Playing with my puppet in front of an audience made my tip drip, but the light was shining on Lili and George. I weilded my new favorite toy of Lili's and parted her lips with no vitbration to start. I looked down at our new friend and he was glued to the show we were giving him.

'Ready??' I asked her as she braced herself. I turned George on and sent her through the roof. Her moans became screams and the watcher adjusted himself. The sweet dampness dripped down her thigh before she collasped within seconds of the vibrations starting.

We stand up and move to the bed, leaving our new friend to wonder who, what, where and why...


  1. Nice!

    I love that book, by the way.

  2. I've seen that "thing" before and it looks scary :o

    Although, I do like it in a psychedelic color spectrum.

    Does George feel good?

  3. Isn't that Bugs Bunny? Right? Or am I thinking something else?
    I do like the title regardless :)

  4. @Emmy, it is Bugs Bunny :) At least that's where I know that from.

    @SophiaSky: what book do you know about that we don't? :)

    @Hedone: George feels great for the entire 5 seconds it takes for him to get me off. Its kind of like trying to stay on the bull ride. LOL!

  5. I love this line:
    "Playing with my puppet in front of an audience made my tip drip..."


    @Lili: George must feel fantastic! I guess I won't discount him cuz of his looks :D