Monday, June 7, 2010

week 22: behind the 8 ball

 ...someone has some catching up to do...

she said as she walked in the door. He knew his mistake, and now it was time for him to pay up. For missing his deadlines he was her pain slut for this session. He had to accept all that she threw at him.

Not speaking a word, she throws a bag at his feet. He opens it and soon knows his fate. It's full of humiliation and new toys. He takes the 8ball gag and puts it on, not even noticing her take out a bull whip.

'Get your ass in position' she barks out at me. Not knowing what sort of pain is in my future, I do as Im told. I brace for impact and close my eyes tightly for the first crack of the whip.


  1. Ha!

    Very nice. Love your subtle hint.

    Thank you for still providing erotic and wonderful art.


  2. Very hot!
    The perspective is way nifty.