Thursday, September 16, 2010

week 36: Coco's pet

Like a lion stalks its prey, I quietly creep to my next victim and pull her out of the crowd. She comes with a leash, left on her by her master. I heard others talk about her, how she was left for others to use, a direct order from her master. I grab the leash and take lead of the situation.

Fewer and fewer people are at the party, which means the pet and I are able to get a room to ourselves. Its a wonderful thing to have this time of night, when your energy is not quite as high and you want some time between strokes or slaps. We reach the bed and I tie her to the bed with her leash. There she sits, waiting to be eaten by a one man pride.

Already naked, her perky tits are my first nibble of her perfect body. I bit into her mounds and tear her flesh apart. Grinding her nub over my sharp incisors causes her to squirm, her legs to twitch with excitement and her pussy to drip with anticipation. I switch between the set and eventually

1 comment:

  1. Intriguing. I take it the one with the collar & leash is the pet.