Tuesday, September 14, 2010

week 35: tentacle

I walk over and sit down beside her on the altar. She moves to one side of the bed and reveals her ample tits as she tosses the red blanket off the bed. Her pretty pink nipples stand erect, waiting to be touched. "How do you plan on repaying me?" she asks with a soft sultry voice. I pause, take a deep breath and slide my hands between her legs, "This.." I guide my hand towards her sweet center and rub my thumb over her now swollen clit.

My fingers wiggle inside of her, squirming from one side of the wall to the other. I reach upwards and find that spot, making her knees buckle with excitement. My mouth traces her leg, kissing her inner thigh with little bites here an there to mix the pain and pleasure. Leaving my fingers deep inside her pussy, my mouth sucks in her folds in and out quickly causing her to tighten around me. "My, that's a ways to show your thanks!" she cries out.

She hops off the altar and positions herself between my legs. "Feed me your tentacle, I need it in my mouth now!" she demands of me. My cock grows with every word and soon is full of blood pumping towards my tip. My veins pop and roll with every stroke and her lips blanket them with warmth. Before my eyes roll back from the pleasure I look across the room and see a woman sitting next to a lion...


  1. Okay this creeps me out!

    The art and colors are wonderful. I love her hair...I want that do (LOL) but her spiked eyelashes and that tentacle flowing from her mouth (or was it forced in there?) is scary.

    Is this tentacle porn? I used to know a guy that was into that.

    What did you do this in, colored pencil?


  2. @Hedone, you are too funny! It IS tentacle porn! I love that it creeps you out! (evil grin/)

    This is all watercolor pencil - love them! - with india ink outline and detail. I mentioned on FetLife that this was a very rushed piece. I should/could/would have taken more time to change a few things here and there. I still plan to...later..

    I wasn't even planning on doing this piece next, but it just jumped out at me, and it felt right, so I ran with it...maybe a bit too quickly :)

  3. Nooo. Not to quickly. I love to see an artist's piece change or evolve. When you do tweak it, please put it on fetlife and alert me.

    I think I recall you previously discussing the watercolor pencils. Or was that another artist??

    Anyhoo...thanks for the response.