Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 13 - Bunny

I follow you around with my basket full of goodies, picking up the toys you have hidden for me around your apartment. I get to your vibrating egg and rush to use it on you. With your smile giving me permission, I place the egg between your legs and watch the moisture drip down your thigh.

Your nipples get hard when I trace the dampened egg up your belly and rest it between your tits. Those pink buds blend in perfect with the pastel shells. I take one into my mouth and bite down hard, turning them from hot pink to fiery red.
I stand up and hover over your face and demand that you get naked, but keep on the bunny ears. Your gorgeous body shows off your curves as you twist and turn on the fake grass.

Looking down at my sexy bunny, I stroke my cock. You push your tits together, giving me a target to aim for when I reach my climax. You break that only to reach down and play with your pussy, leaving a wet trail as you bring your hand back up between your tits. Soon I reach my orgasm and spray my seed over your hard nipples. Bending down to clean up my mess, I give you a kiss with my sweet seed still on my lips and thank you for the night.


  1. Happy Easter indeed!! *grins*

  2. Nice ending. Gorgeous art.

  3. Love the pinup girl look in that drawing!
    And those words...very hot!