Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 14 - Burlesque Show

I see my Fiery Dancer on stage, giving the audience a show they will never forget. Her moves mimic as if she were between the sheets, fluid and graceful but full of passion. She teases all that gaze at her with quick peeks at her ample bosoms and twirls around flashing her frilly tush.

With her feather fan in hand, she removes all but her tassels flashing her round mounds. The music moves her, the cheers drive her and soon she finds her spirit on stage. The lights shine down on her, bouncing off her flawless skin. As the music climbs, so does her enthusiasm to put on a show.

She guides us all on a journey of eroticism and becomes one with the music. Her motions bring us to climax as the song comes to an end. Leaving her all on stage, she twirls around, exiting the stage, giving us one last glimpse at her perfect tush.


  1. Love love love the tush sketch. What a sexy bum and legs.

    My fave line that gave me a little tweak down there: "she removes all but her tassels flashing her round mounds."

  2. Love the second sketch!
    And the words are perfect too.

  3. Sounds like she puts on quite an erotic performance.