Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week 15 - Snake

My cock slithers between your breasts, tip hitting that extended tongue of yours. Pulling your nipples while I smush those gorgeous D's around my cock adds just a bit of pain to the pleasure. After a quick ride, I dismount and slap the sides of your mounds sending slight stings to shoot across your chest.

I pull you to the edge of the bed and part your lips with my latex covered snake in the grass. I grab your ass, lift you up and plunge in for that first thrust we both have been eagerly waiting for all week. I look down at my glistened shaft, slowly driving it deep in you, resting when I'm as deep as I can get.

You become vocal with me, begging me to fuck you hard and now! Your request sends me into a fury. I grab a hold of your curvy sides and begin my assault on your eager and willing pussy. Our bodies slap together, my balls slap against your ass and soon moans escape your mouth.

I flip you over and push down on your back, giving me a great angle to fuck you from behind. Your hand reaches back to play with your clit and every now and again tickle my balls for me. My hand finds a lock of hair and I pull back in a not so gentle way. With a firm grip, I continue to fuck you as hard as I can. Now my balls slap over your swollen clit.

"Give it to me, fucking give it to me!"

You want my cum and I'm close to giving you what you want. I do all I can to bring you to climax before I jump off the bed, tear off the condom and position your face in front of my ready cock. My jerks bring me to climax and I shoot my seed over your face with your smile of approval. You stand up, kiss me and give me a taste of our sweet creation.


  1. I like the 'snake' metaphor. I like your kinda snake Confessor X but the snake wrapped about Lili...eewwww!!

    Nice artwork anyway.


  2. Great story to go along with that piece of art.

    Love the way the snake wraps around her body - and the hints of color too - in the eyes, the nails, the shoes.

    Well done, you two! :)

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