Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 6 - Dirty Girl

Fresh off a ride, you peel off your gear, leaving your pony tails for me to grab on to and your fly panties for me to rip away.

Crawling towards the head of the bed, you give me the view I adore so greatly, your bubble butt. Swift whacks get your pale skin a rosy red. And soon those fly panties are on the floor.

With my shielded cock, I take aim for your smooth pussy with your crop in hand. I don't use it to whip your ass, but I drape it over your neck and pull back with both hands. Not a way you ever imagined I would use it on you, and that gets your pussy sopping wet!

With every thrust, you feel the cold rod rubbing on your neck. Your hands rest behind your head, giving in to the moment. I throw the crop aside and fuck you with a purpose. Tugging on those pig tails I ride you from behind till I fill that latex barrier and call you my dirty girl.


  1. Ooo....I like it! But then again, I'm always a fan of dirty girls. Love the art!!!

  2. Oooh, hot AND safe sex. :-)

    Good story but I really really really love the art. It's the juicy butt...yum!