Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 7 - Corset

Post at the four corners of the bed, you walk towards me with a flogger in hand. I take a good look at the outfit for this play date as you approach me and its as simple as is it beautiful, your body paying compliments to the corset you're wearing.

Twirling the flogger in circles before it hits my thighs, creates that swoosh sound that gets your pussy tingling. And the moment it hits my skin, I wiggle in blissful agony. Continued slaps turn my tan skin a bit red. You go from thigh to thigh, allowing just a brief moment of relief before another slap.

You begin to un-tie your corset, revealing your full breasts. Once off, you lay it over my crotch and crawl on top of me. "You wanted me to trace my nipples over your body, well you must earn it!" You continue to crawl over me till your knees are around my ears.

Resting your pussy over my nose and chin, I flicker my tongue over your clit. Lending a helping hand, you pull your hood back to give me full access. I work harder and harder to get you to the promise land, wishing I had a free hand to caress your body. Quicker flicks and more help from your very own fingertips break the plane and your breathing gets heavy. Knowing you're close, I don't stop. Soon, you collapse over me and rest before you follow your word by tracing my body with your nipples.

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