Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 16 - Sex, Music, Sex Pt 1

Lili and I planned to meet on Friday the 23rd over a month in advance. It was a night of sex music and more sex. I wanted to take her to an area I was most comfortable in, a nightclub. There was a DJ that I had not seen in quite a while and asked Lili if she would be interested. I gave her the name of the DJ and she was off to iTunes, listening to podcasts from the artists. She became very excited to accompany me to the show.

The week leading up to the show we did our usual, messages and emails. She teased me with what she wanted to wear, and of course what she was willing not to wear. I had this idea of her keeping on the dress and even wearing panties while I fucked her for the first round at the hotel before the show. After our first round, panties were to remain off...I had a plan for our drive home.

I get to the hotel and give her a call, letting her know what room I was in. We found a great midway place that has very decent rooms and great prices, not to mention an ottoman that we both love! Soon, shes knocking on my door and we greet one another with our signature embrace and deep kiss. We don't get passed the kitchen before she simply lets go of her purse and coat, letting them flop down on the tile while we continue our hello's.

I guide her to the bed and inform her that Ive been wanting her lips wrapped around my cock all week and she wastes no time pushing me back on the bed and diving between my legs. Her eager mouth takes just the tip of me in before sliding down to the base. My hand quickly goes behind her head and grabs a handful of hair. Tugging back from time to time, holding her head back with just enough force for her to feel it adds passion to her fantastic mouth.

I strip down to the buff, while Lili keeps her dress and panties on as instructed. We move to the ottoman and she rests on all fours. I lift her dress, move her panties to the side and take my latex covered cock to the wet and ready entrance of her pussy. I plunge in and begin to fuck her with raw force and determination. I remember her enjoying a certain belt and break our rhythm to take it off my pants. She stays put, hearing the clanking of my buckle and knows whats to come. I wrap the belt around her neck and gently tug while I fuck her from behind. Our bodies slap and soon I fill the condom full of my seed.

With time still on our hands, we move to the bed for a quick rest. We make small talk about nothing in general, allowing both of us to gain our wits and stamina. Being greedy, I tell her that I want her lips on my mouth before we leave. She doesn't hesitate one minute before crawling on my chest and moving her wet pussy to the tip of my nose. Lili grinds down, allowing me to lick her slit while my nose rubs on her clit. I work my tongue as fast as I can, feeling her legs tremble around my ears. Her muffled moans mean shes close to another climax. She grabs a handful of hair and holds me in place while my tongue and full soft lips do their magic.

Once she reaches her heights, we pause again for just a short moment before we head to downtown for our show and yet another surprise by Lili...

To be continued....


  1. *breathless*

    Wow! What passionate fun. I've had quite a good time on an ottoman as well.

    The drawing is deliciously arousing as was this tale.

  2. There better be more than one part - with a story and illustration like that!!