Monday, May 17, 2010

week 19 - Wanna Ride?

The sun is out and casts a perfect day for our hitch-hiker desires. We've talked about this scenario for quite some time, but have had to wait for the weather to allow us this opportunity. With Lili's love for motorcycles, we've toyed with the idea of her picking me up along the road and finding a spot for us to have our fun. Well, that day is today.

I climb on the back, helmet fastened, and hold on to her gorgeous body while she rev's up and zooms us into traffic. The rush hits us both, and the rumble between my legs feels good, and god knows how much Lili enjoys it. We drive a bit, finally reaching a hidden away spot she knew of from a while ago. The trees do their part in blocking the outside world from looking in.

We move to the picnic bench with our back to the entrance. I take the seat while she moves between my legs. Running her hands along my thighs, sends signals my cock to get ready for whatever she has planned. Toying with me, she places her mouth over my jeans and starts to lick where my bulge is poking through.

"Don't be chicken, take it out."

I egg her on, practically daring her to take my cock in her mouth or for that matter, deep in her pussy.

"You want it too bad, earn it!"

This cat and mouse game is new to us both, but she's right...I want it bad!!

"What would you like me to do?"


"All the way?"


"Are you serious?!?"

Lili stands up and starts to walk toward her bike.

"Ok, ok...ok!"

I follow her instructions and start to strip. The cold Summer breeze sends shivers down my spin. But I'm determined to do as she's told just to get those magical lips around my cock. Finally pulling my jeans down past my ankles, I reveal my stiff cock.

"Good boy, now walk a lap!"

"You didn't say anything about a lap!!"

"Ok..." Lili walks towards her bike again.

"FINE!!" A little agitated, I walk my lap. "Now can you suck my cock?!?"

"I'll decide when your cock gets sucked!"


"Yes, what?!?"

"Yes Mrs Lili"

"Now do jumping jacks!"

"How many?"

"Till I say stop!"

At this point my hard-on has gone limp, but I know the real reward will be when I'm done with her games. So I start and continue till she says stop, about 20 jumping jacks or so.

Her shit eating grin is huge, that can only mean one thing...unimaginable head! I walk over to Lili and she takes my cock into her mouth. The heat builds and soon the blood is flowing to the very tips of my cock. Her eyes gaze back up, smiling back at me. Soon my seed fills her eager mouth. Lili licks her bottom lip, not waisting a drop and comes up for a kiss. We end our Road Session with smiles on both our faces.


  1. Like the art--the colorfulness, the subject and who doesn't like an ample bust woman in a leather corset riding a motorcycle?!

  2. How HOT is that image! Woman in a leather corset on a motorcycle. Can't wait to read X's story!

  3. Lili is so hot. I would love to see Confessor X doing jumping jacks in the nude--Delicious! Oh to have been a passerby peaking in.

    Confessor, this story was well worth the wait.

    Thank you both.