Friday, May 14, 2010

Week 17 Sex, Music Sex Pt 2

We arrive at the club at a modest time. The cold nights air finds its way to Lili’s pantie-less pussy, allowing her to hold on to me tightly for warmth. Before long we are in the club and walk around, giving her the tour I’ve been talking about for quite some time. One of the first things we see are Go-Go dancers, a new addition to the club. The two gorgeous women dance on a box near the main stage in fish-net stockings and bikinis, giving all of the crowd something beautiful to watch.

I buy us some drinks as we settle in a place near the dance floor. I take this time to educate Lili on some of the differences of music types and also things that interest me while I’m at a club. She listens intensely while holding my hand. Even as we walk around, I never let go, making sure she’s close to me.

The night moves on and before long, Lili pulls me closer to the dance floor. She gets with the groove and moves to the beat. The guy in front of us keeps brushing up against Lili, and me being the protective type tries to push him away. Lili, being the naughty vixen she is, whispers in my ear…”Maybe I like what he’s doing?!?” and from that moment on I didn’t worry.

As we move closer and closer to the middle of the dance floor, Lili guides my hands to her body and moves them about and down her waist. A not so subtle hint I am able to read. We didn’t talk about this, it was an in the moment decision that put a smile on both our faces. And as my hand climbed under her dress and up to her warm, wet pussy, I knew she wanted this for quite some time. My fingers found her bud and began to rub. Lili would bounce around, acting as if she were dancing, but all the while allowing me to slide my fingers deep into her pussy. I kept a close eye, but really wanted others to catch on to our fun.

At one point she pushes her ass close to my hard cock, reaches back and unzips my trousers. I don’t move, but simply allow this very much wanted invasion. Her hand gives me a quick pump and after several gratifying moments she pushes my thick cock back into its cage and we go about the night as we were.

The night, like many others, goes by quickly. We ask the beautiful young woman next to us for the time and we find out we’re 30 minutes past the time we said we would stay till. Not to worry, we had the whole night to ourselves, just simply didn’t want to stay out too late.

On the drive home my hand finds Lili’s thigh. Her dress was easy to move aside as she parted her legs just enough to give me access to her pussy. Not wanting to cause a crash, I would build her up then pull away. But soon it became too much, she pressed her knees against my hand and suggested that I stop.

….to be continued….


  1. Those dance floor gropes are the best!!

  2. Mmmm...brings back one of my fondest memories of getting "done" on the dance floor of a club.