Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week 18 - Sex, Music, Sex Pt 3

Now back at the hotel, we find ourselves wrapped in each other once again and rush to the bed. With no need to keep the dress on, she removes it and shows me her beautiful body for the first time tonight. My mouth instinctively dove for her sweet pussy and soon she was riding the waves of her high and made sure I didn’t leave till she was finished by pressing my head down between her legs.

With my cock hard and ready, I tell Lili to move to the edge of the bed so I can fuck her standing up. Its my favorite position mainly because it allows me to have leverage while I plunge into her. Having a few drinks in me, made me SUPERMAN! From the moment I entered her, I pounded away hard and fast. With her knees pressed against my chest, I changed the pace from time to time and rested in her at my deepest point.

We try out a few other positions, and end up with me behind her yet again. The wonderful sound of our bodies slapping together is allowing her to maintain her high, but unable to get passed that hump. It was at that point that I tell her to move to her side and take me into her mouth.

I wanted to give her a facial since the beginning of our session and to be honest, it was a perfect topper to our night. I took my cock in hand and began jacking off over her face. Her tongue darted out from time to time, licking my tip. Soon my seed sprayed across her lips and I was there to lick up any that was left over.

My legs at that point were rubber and I needed a breather, I haven’t pounded someone that hard since I was with a previous lover. My heart still racing, my legs regained their form, but I still needed to rest a few. Lili excused herself and freshened up for her drive home. Usually I walk her to her car, but I still needed a few and kissed her a thank you kiss for a wonderful night and watched as she left.

The night couldn’t have been any better. It started out just as it ended, with us in each others arms.

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  1. Love love love this sketch/art, especially the woman's nails digging into the bed. Nice way to depict the hard pounding she is surely receiving.

    Very Hot!